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My training 

I followed a complete course to become a professional as a Well-Being Massage practitioner at the Bertand Poncet school, training in massage therapy and aromatherapy.

training guided by Richard Markovitch, French-Canadian, massage therapist, aromatherapist, psychotherapist for over 25 years, and Corentin Mondielli, DO osteopath,

and am a member of the FFMBE (French Federation of Well-Being Massage).

I also followed the Nadir Module training at the Chun Institute in 2019.

- training in Brazilian lymphatic massage at the Dubarry Beauté Academy training center in 2023

- Anatomy-palpation in Aix les Bains at

by Gaelle Le Corre, massage therapist and specialist in Swedish sports massage in 2024.

- Myo-Facial : signature training of Consuela Silveira recognized in facial remodeling by manual method at

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