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Brazilian lymphatic drainage

Brazilian lymphatic drainage is unlike classic lymphatic drainage a massage with firm pressure and a fast pace. Its objective is to stimulate the lymph nodes by manual pumping. Drainage unclogs the cells and eliminates their contents in the lymphatic system.

It improves the circulation of the lymph throughout the body and therefore facilitates the elimination of toxins.

For a better effectiveness it is recommended to carry out it by cure of several sessions. Ideally once a week during 5 weeks followed by once every month to keep the benefit.

The benefits
  • Relieves system disorders (heavy or painful legs) 


  • reduction of cellulite (water retention or fat mass)


  • swollen arms and fingers


  • Fatigue Dissipation


  • Tissue decongestion


  • Muscle relaxation


lymphatic drainage has certain contraindications, and may require medical advice.


It is therefore not recommended in case of:

  • thrombosis

  • edema,lymphedema

  • asthma

  • pregnancy

  • tumors,

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