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What is massage therapy?

Etymologically speaking, massage therapy means " the massage that heals ". This ancestral therapeutic technique existing for thousands of years was already used by our ancestors in many other cultures and civilizations and includes a great diversity of manual techniques. Despite differences in philosophy and types of manipulation, these techniques share several common points. Thus, the main objectives of massage therapy are to promote relaxation (muscular and nervous), blood and lymphatic circulation, the assimilation and digestion of food, the elimination of toxins, the proper functioning of vital organs and alertness. to a body-minded conscience.

The course of a massage session

Before each session, we will take a few moments to define your expectations together so that I can adapt your massage according to your desires and your needs.  

Throughout the massage, you will be covered with a sheet and only the massaged part will be uncovered. This drapping technique allows the body to cool down less quickly, to provide a feeling of inclusion and to secure your privacy.

The table is equipped with a heated mattress, the light is discreet and the music soothing. 


In accordance with the law of April 30, 1946, decree n ° 60665 of July 4, 1960, article L489 of the Public Health Code and decree n ° 96-879 of October 8, 1996, it is in no way a question of medical massage or physiotherapy but techniques of relaxation and well-being.
* The expression "massage" or "massages" or "modeling" used on this site therefore refers to: relaxation and well-being techniques.

The  benefits of massage

On the functioning of the body:  

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Relieves pain

  • Improves sleep

  • Increases respiratory capacity

  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation

  • Promotes digestion  

  • Improves skin health

On the structure and posture of the body:  

  • Relieves tension  muscle and physical pain

  • Relieves the back

  • Improves joint mobility

  • Promotes greater range of motion

On the sensory and emotional level:

  • Develop our body awareness

  • Awakens the sense of touch and sharpens perceptions

  • Promotes the circulation of energy

On the psychological and emotional level:

  • Increases awareness of emotions and promotes their expression

  • Increase self-esteem and self-worth

  • Allows better stress management

  • Develop understanding of yourself and others

  • Contributes to open-mindedness

  • Help with awareness

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